Emerita Professor of Mathematical Psychology

University of Hertfordshire

Blog TopicsBlog

  • Science, free market & shopping
  • Ergonomics
  • Measurement and decisions
  • Stereotyping: sex, race, nation, class, occupation, interests
  • Freedom, justice & democracy

Consultancy Availability

  • Statistical Design & Analysis for Medical, Health and `Psychology Application
  • Survey Design & Analysis including training on clinet problems
  • Evaluation of web design and usability

Hobbies & Relaxation

  • Indoor rowing & gym
  • Geekery & gadgets
  • Travel: city & beach
  • Omniverous reading, now including iphone & kindle: novels, popular science, maths & futurology

Research Interests

Mathematical Models of the Psychology of Thinking

  • Decision Making: weighing up uncertainy and cost benefit
  • Modelling time to make perceptual and action decisions
  • Psychophysics of vision, audition, value, utility, pleasure & pain

Statistical Methodology

  • Theory: design & analysis of ordinal measures, e.g. 1-5, 0r 1-7 scales of agreement or approval
  • Application: National Student Survey
  • Application: Neurophysiological & brain measures
  • Application: Physiological markers of cancer
  • Guidelines: Design & analyses that include effect size and power

Higher Education & Technology

  • Use of semi-automatic assessment & feedback
  • Physics and statistics education

Evolutionary Psychology of Counterintuitive Cultural Practices

  • Poor families killing girl-children
  • Institutionalized child abuse
  • Honour killing and violence
  • Group differences at the group level: gender and ethnicity