ASAIL: Assessment Support for Advancing Integrated Learning

The ASAILproject, Assessment Support for Advancing Integrated Learningis funded by the Blended Learning Unit (BLU), Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, now the Learning and Teaching Institute at the University of Hertfordshire. The project aimed to:

  • Enhance student learning of experimental psychology investigations
  • Develop questionnaire methods to collect student laboratory data.
  • Develop individualised on-line assessment feedback systems
  • Develop on-line individualized systems for automated and semi-automated assessment

Target Modules and Methodlogy

Target students are psychology undergraduates on lab courses. There were two cohorts: a 1st year , 2 week lab class on visual illusions (~240 students, 4 lecturers, 6 markers) and a 2nd year 3 week lab class on visual search (~170 students, 1 lecturer, 4 markers)

Students were briefed and collected individual data, which they entered via a commercial web survey tool, The lecturer received data from all students in an EXCEL spreadsheet, which was then fed back to students for analysis and discussion.

Students also provided answers in free text about their results, and conclusions . The 2nd years also worked in groups to design a future experiment.  The lecturer then provided individual feedback generated by mail merge from the survey spreadsheet supplemented by columns with lecturere marks and comments.

Students submitted lab reports via the Virtual Learning Environment, StudyNet, using template and guides suitable for a UK psychology journal. The reports were marked using the ‘comment’ and ‘track changes’ features of WORD and returned via StudyNet

The project produced the following RESOURCES that can be used by others

Note: The classes were in 2005-2006, so the guides refer to the 5th edition of the American Psychological Association Publication Guide.


These new approaches were generally well recieved by students and have major potential for engaging and enthusing students with difficult material

Related Projects

Data Delight

This project, with Rachel Msetfi, investigates  giving quality personalised feedback for laboratory & statistics to undergraduates, using the mail merge facilities of WORD. The project was supported by the University of Hertfordshire Learning and Teaching Fund.

  • Final Report
  • Powerpoint presentation at University of Hertfordshire conference: Unlocking Potential, 2005. Slides

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