Exact Confidence Levels for Lists of Proportions and Rates

Much software exists to calculate exact confidence levels for a SINGLE proportion or rate, e.g.  http://statpages.info/confint.html,  http://epitools.ausvet.com.au/content.php?page=CIProportion

BUT one frequently has a whole list of proportions or rates requiring CLs and does not want to put in each value separately.

This tool enables one to obtain CLs for a list of proportions or rates. There is a sheet for binomial proportions has an example with sensitivity and 1 – specificity from a meta-analysis with 2 predictor categorical variables; and a sheet for Poisson rates.

It is based on the work of John Pezullo, now sadly deceased. His legacy and much additional useful statistics is available, at http://statpages.info.

EXCEL workbook tool is downloadable from Kornbrot_binCI_sens-spec this file contains macros that must be enabled for file to run. If workbook reports macros as unavailable then download confint.cla from http://statpages.info/confint.xla

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