REMAIN for Democratic Control

23 Jun


  • Threat to democtatic control is from multi-nationals not EU.
  • EU has defended us against monopolies form GOOGLE and MICROSOFT more powerfully than UK could have done alone.
  • EU with UK included can defeat TTIP which could vastly increase cose of NHS abd all health care in UK
  • BREXIT is probably correct that trade with EU will continue relatively unchanged. BUT it will STILL be according to EU rules, but with BREXIT we will have no power to change.
  • EU commission has power to PROPOSE regulations, and even laws, but our elected representatives DISPOSE.


  • UK needs unskilled as well as skilled labour. How ill Australian points system work for the unskuilled?
  • Immigration numbers are determined by labour demand. BREXIT increases risk of illegal immigrants driving down wages yet further.

Good Bits – EU advantages

  • Progress in science and technology and hgher educationwhere UK leads within Europe
  • Protection of labour and maternity rights
  • Human rights.
  • Many current EU rights were pioneered in UK and in UK before in EU. BUT we can still lose those key rights if UK opts for BREXIT, and many, but by no means all, BREXIT supporters would like tose thise rights replaced by a ‘free’ market

IN it to WIN it

  • UK is indeed vibrant and powerful, 5th biggest economy on planet.
  • Lets use our influence in EU to extend our inlfuence globally.
  • Brits are not quitters

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