Buttons? I need SETs of buttons, all sizes & colours

29 Jan

Why is it impossible to buy BUTTONS on the UK high street?
Unbelievable, everyone must need buttons.
I just need 10 buttons ~ 14mm = 1.4cm ~= .75″ aka size 22. Navy prefered.
Tesco, 99p shop have sets of assorted buttons or pack of minute shirt buttons.

Such buttons won’t do my pair of duvet’s
Would be utterly useless for coat that kept one WARM in winter

Event John Lewis can’t do over internet

Local sewing shop went out of business!

Can’t compete with chains for big items like sewing machines, can’t live on buttons & bows alone

EBAY the only source!!! 10 large  for £2.45 [I mis-guesstimated 1st time]. 10 right size £1.75

So niche market for buttons

So here is an example of a much needed commodity that the free market does NOT supply.





7 Responses to “Buttons? I need SETs of buttons, all sizes & colours”

  1. dianakornbrot Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 6:01 pm #

    They may do buttons in store, but uneconomic by email
    I do NOT see a market solution
    See my response to previous
    Do NOT see a high street solution.
    Getting orders in volume by ebay or similar may be a very viable answer to the dsitribution/variety/packing problem

  2. Anonymous Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 5:28 pm #

    Note that I’m not saying that there aren’t problems with free market economics, but I’m not sure button availability is the biggest, and I’m not sure that a government button subsidy (or similar market correction – nationalised button shops, perhaps?) would necessarily be the best use of taxes.

    • dianakornbrot Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 5:50 pm #

      Definitely NOT suggesting government intervention
      Nor do I think that buttons are the world’s most pressing problem.

      In fact, one can buy buttons loose form Department Store John Lewis, & probably other department stores.

      BUT buttons are low cost/item to PRODUCE. However, keeping the variety people might want requires space, JL has a single short aisle i haberdahery. Packing of individual orders is time consuming e.g. could take 1.3 hr = £2 on minimum wage for order of 20 buttons with a profit of 1p/button, so mail order of INDIVIDUALISED orders is uneconomic, so one must. visit in person to buy and it is worth it for JL, as people probably buy other things and anyway there are 1000s of buyers, so that 1 aisle is worth it for JL. Might be viable for specialist sewing shop, but probably only 1 in 10 high streets have a sewing shop.

      So buttons are a commodity that many people want [but in great variety thats the main problem] but are very far from widely avaialble. I do not actually see as viable market or non-market solution!

      So my point is that here is a simple rpoblem that the market can’t solve

  3. Anonymous Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 5:23 pm #

    Doesn’t Fashion n Fabrics ( http://www.fashion-n-fabrics.com/ – in north St Albans / Harpenden) have buttons? I’d have thought they would. I think the sewing machine shop on Victoria St in St Albans also has some.

    • dianakornbrot Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 5:35 pm #

      NO. they only do fabrics

      • Anonymous Thu, 9-Feb-12 at 5:46 pm #

        Hmm, that is a bit surprising, and inconvenient. How do you suggest we modify the economic system so that local button shops will thrive?

      • Jan Thu, 22-Jun-17 at 9:42 am #

        They definitely do do buttons, lots of variety.

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