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Buttons? I need SETs of buttons, all sizes & colours

29 Jan

Why is it impossible to buy BUTTONS on the UK high street?
Unbelievable, everyone must need buttons.
I just need 10 buttons ~ 14mm = 1.4cm ~= .75″ aka size 22. Navy prefered.
Tesco, 99p shop have sets of assorted buttons or pack of minute shirt buttons.

Such buttons won’t do my pair of duvet’s
Would be utterly useless for coat that kept one WARM in winter

Event John Lewis can’t do over internet

Local sewing shop went out of business!

Can’t compete with chains for big items like sewing machines, can’t live on buttons & bows alone

EBAY the only source!!! 10 large  for £2.45 [I mis-guesstimated 1st time]. 10 right size £1.75

So niche market for buttons

So here is an example of a much needed commodity that the free market does NOT supply.